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 2018 China (Puyang) Petrochemical Industry Fine Development Conference Opening, Willing New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Launched First!

Sponsored by the Committee of Rubber and Plastics Green Manufacturing of China Chemical Society and undertaken by Willing New Materials & Technology Co., Ltd., The demonstration project of micro-chemical industrialization was held in Puyang YingBin Hotel from May 24 to May 25, 2018. The conference contained high-level forums, academic seminars, enterprise visits, exhibition of achievements, cooperation talks and project signing, etc. Nearly 400 people from all walks of life, such as academies, scientific research institutes and enterprises, attended the conference. The current domestic and foreign petrochemical industry fine development hot spot new technology as well as Puyang City petrochemical industry transformation and upgrade and so on the question has carried on the thorough discussion and the cooperation,the grand situation unprecedented. 


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